The Homophobe

Day 26 (21st of March, 2016) – 徐州,江苏省,中国 A full day of class today. In period one I was made to stand up in front of the class and recite a poem. 四是四 十是十 十四是十四 四十是四十 四十四只石狮子是死的 A transliterated version of this poem to help with pronunciation is as follows: si shi si shi shi shi […]

The Cereal Heist

Day 20 (14th of March, 2016) – 徐州,江苏省,中国 I felt an enormous amount of confidence when I turned up to class at 8am this morning to find my teacher waiting to begin. Our writing lesson had been moved to Monday morning from Thursday afternoon just for this week, and I was one of the ten-odd people in […]

Back On The Market (By Accident)

Day 5 (28th of February, 2016) – 徐州,江苏省,中国 This morning began with 2 hours of tutoring via Skype. I’m maintaining some of my students so that I can at least have some sort of income while I’m over here, and it also serves as my refreshing dose of English for the day. I eat on the […]