The “HD” Average

Day 228 (24th of October, 2016) – Shanghai, China I woke up this morning still fretting and slightly stressed over the US visa situation which I embarked on trying to solve last night. I decided to play it safe and skip my second class of the day so that I could go and figure out […]

The Sinophile

Day 221 (17th of October, 2016) – Shanghai, China Photo of the day. I was buried beneath those toy-like blocks early this morning when going for a stroll. I never go for morning strolls. I just love it here. It was a good way to freshen up for the morning’s classes. By the 8am start I […]

The Flower of Shanghai

Day 214 (10th of October, 2016) – Shanghai, China Good mooooooorning SHANGHAI!! This city… there’s something about it. In the picture above you can begin to see the neighbourhood allocation as symbolised by the different colouring of roofs. When viewed from above, Shanghai’s neighbourhoods are colour-coded through legislation which forces developers to use certain colours for […]

Express Delivery

Day 207 (3rd of October, 2016) – Shanghai, China I was thankful to wake up feeling healthy given my sickness last night. A decent sleep-in helped to completely rid of any lasting fatigue. From the time that I got out of bed, five of the eight hours of daylight left were spent in front of […]

Storms and STORM

Day 200 (26th of September, 2016) – Shanghai, China One of the benefits of writing this blog is that I can easily keep track of the number of days that I have been offshore. It’s a tremendous sense of achievement to see that number ticking up, but it also makes me realise just how lucky […]