Paris of the East

Day 54 (18th of April, 2016) – Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China Today my only class was in the afternoon, so I was able to sleep in and tutor some students in the mid-morning. One of my students was new, and her enthusiasm made it a particularly rewarding session. I find tutoring a great mental exercise […]

The Family Visit

Day 47 (11th of April, 2016) – Shanghai, China This morning we all woke up bright and early to pack for the flight to Shanghai. As with all travel, we couldn’t bear wasting even a few hours not being out and exploring the city. So Aimee, Bianca, Anneke and I all set off to Hong […]

The Kong

Day 40 (4th of April, 2016) – Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China Today it is the QingMing Festival, which is a public holiday in China. My attempt to greet a shopkeeper this morning with “Happy QingMing Festival!” was met with confusion, and a plea that I not ever say that again. QingMing Festival, after all, is all […]

The Haircut

Day 33 (28th of March, 2016) – 徐州,江苏省,中国 To begin, I must clarify a few things regarding last week’s blog post. Firstly, the “shi shi shi…” poem is completely true. Every word in that poem is pronounced “shi”, and it tells the elaborate story of a hermit poet who hunts lions. Secondly, the comment regarding my […]