Keeping the Rabbits Out

Day 193 (19th of September, 2016) – Beijing, China Dan and I woke up in our Beijing Hutong to the sound of a trickling waterfall and of chickens in nearby homes, presumably for cooking at the local restaurants. It was 6:30am and we were planning to head off early in our bid to do a day […]

Dan the Man

Day 186 (12th of September, 2016) – Shanghai, China The fallout from the mugging continues… I often find that when I’m faced with a challenge, I overcome it best when I have a clear set of goals from which I can work on ticking off one at a time. The checklist so far is as follows: […]

My Darkest Week

Day 177 (3rd of September, 2016) – Shanghai, China I tried to pack as many organisational activities into today as possible. With my stay in Shanghai only being two and a half months, I don’t want to delay the completion of all the administrative things which need to be done (a process which took many […]

A Home Away From Home

Day 172 (29th of August, 2016) – Kraków, Poland Just a few more days where I have to copy and paste every “s” and “w” key before I can get to a repair shop in Shanghai… I woke up after a brief sleep-in and instantly realised that today had to be a lazy day. There comes […]