The Final Week

Day 318 (23rd of January 2017) – Zermatt, Switzerland Today was our fourth day of skiing in the Swiss paradise that is Zermatt. Things had changed up since we’d all completed our previously-booked block of three half-day lessons. We chose to extend the family’s instructor, Max, for another three days and to use him in […]

Smoke On The Water

Day 312 (16th of January 2017) – Paris, France Another swell morning in the city of love. It’s not bad looking into the centre of your apartment complex and seeing this. Annie and Dad went for an early walk around the district. With pictures like this, we quickly reorganised our plans so that we would […]

From Two to Six

Day 305 (9th of January 2017) – London, U.K. A good start to the morning. Sitting by the window, it instantly struck me that this part of London, Paddington, was considerably quieter than I had expected. That comes with it being a mainly residential area, I guess. But then again, I also think that London […]

The Arctic Circle

Day 298 (2nd of January 2017) – Kittilä, Finland Good morning! Another delicious breakfast prepared by our host Mum, Paula. Welcome back to Kittilä! I promise I’ll get Aim to take more photos of me in the future. Aim does like the camera though. It snowed overnight! Just like every night, I guess. Today Kimmo […]

A Great Finnish to the Year

Day 291 (26th of December 2016) – Stockholm, Sweden Today, after a relaxed Christmas stationed in Copenhagen, Denmark, we were moving on to our next country: Sweden. One of the first things I did before hopping aboard the train to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, was research the stereotypes of the country. Why? Well, I find stereotypes […]

A Very Merry Christmas

Day 284 (19th of December 2016) – Amsterdam, Netherlands A relaxed sleep-in after the late night in Amsterdam’s Red Light District ended here. It was at Amsterdam Centraal station that we were meeting Natasha and Matthew for a trip to the Netherlands’ fourth largest city: Utrecht. Natasha is the friend I met on my tour […]


Day 277 (12th of December 2016) – Prague, Czech Republic We woke up early and with very good reason. It was our first morning in what we had already gathered was going to be one of our favourite cities of the trip – Prague. With its metro area being home to just over two million […]


Day 272 (7th of December 2016) – Berlin, Germany It was 11:30am when my Air France flight from Paris finally landed in the German capital. The flight passed over some stunning cities in the dark winter morning. Sorry for the picture quality. I was exhausted, and understandably. A boys’ trip isn’t exactly slow-paced, and further, I’d […]

Deeper Into Korea

Day 263 (28th of November, 2016) – Seoul, South Korea Today was, in essence, a recovery day. And a much needed one at that. We knew this going into the day and planned it accordingly. There were a few key things we wanted to get done – booking bus tickets for the rest of the trip, […]