The Final Week

Day 318 (23rd of January 2017) – Zermatt, Switzerland Today was our fourth day of skiing in the Swiss paradise that is Zermatt. Things had changed up since we’d all completed our previously-booked block of three half-day lessons. We chose to extend the family’s instructor, Max, for another three days and to use him in […]

Smoke On The Water

Day 312 (16th of January 2017) – Paris, France Another swell morning in the city of love. It’s not bad looking into the centre of your apartment complex and seeing this. Annie and Dad went for an early walk around the district. With pictures like this, we quickly reorganised our plans so that we would […]

From Two to Six

Day 305 (9th of January 2017) – London, U.K. A good start to the morning. Sitting by the window, it instantly struck me that this part of London, Paddington, was considerably quieter than I had expected. That comes with it being a mainly residential area, I guess. But then again, I also think that London […]