Cali: Part #2

Day 253 (18th of November, 2016) – Los Angeles, CA, USA It was around 7am by the time I crawled out of the bus, joints stiff and aching. I clumsily loaded up a Google Maps route of how to get to the hostel. It involved passing through LA’s downtown area. I actually quite like the look […]

Cali: Part #1

Day 249 (14th of November, 2016) – Mountain View, CA, USA I must say, I feel like I’m a professional in fighting jet lag. The second you get an electronic device with plenty of blue light in front of my face (unless it’s playing a movie), I’m not ever falling asleep. That was certainly the […]

Jumping Continents

Day 242 (7th of November, 2016) – Harbin, China My 7:30am flight to Harbin meant a 5:10am departure from the hotel in a Didi. I had organised the Didi the evening prior as I wrote about in my last blog, and was already very confident as to the driver’s commitment to pick me up on […]


Day 235 (31st of October, 2016) – Shanghai, China Happy Halloween! As alluded to in my last blog, I can’t lie and say that I’ve ever payed a second thought to this holiday. But hey, it’s taking Shanghai by storm, so I may as well get around it. I arrived to a classroom which was […]