Russian Around Russia, Belarus and Poland

Day 165 (22nd of August, 2016) – Moscow, Russia Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Moscow. I’m becoming addicted to this place. Russia is absolutely stunning. My usual answer to the question “what’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?” is Japan, but Russia is quickly becoming a genuine challenger to that title. Let’s begin with the […]

Vodka & Caviar

Day 158 (15th of August, 2016) – Tel Aviv, Israel In the morning, we met bright and early to head directly to where I had left off in the Old Town of Jerusalem. We were visiting the ‘Dome of the Rock’, the most significant mosque in the city. This structure was built on the Temple […]

Crossing Borders

Day 151 (8th of August, 2016) – Petra, Jordan (continued from 7th of August) In the evening, I met my travel companions for the next week and a half. The group is sixteen strong until Israel, at which point it drops to just five people. In the group, ten are Australian. The others are from […]

Becoming a Nomad

Day 144 (1st of August, 2016) – Isfahan, Iran I awoke from my twenty hour hibernation to a familiar feeling of a swollen throat and chesty cough. There wasn’t much I could do outside of taking some medicine, so I settled in for the morning of blog writing. Today was a free day for me in […]

So an Aussie Walked into a Ba(zaa)r

Day 138 (26th of July, 2016) – Bangkok, Thailand Hello, hello! Welcome back to the travel blog. For the past two weeks, I’ve been having the most superb visit back home. Whilst seeing everyone felt brief, and sometimes a bit rushed, it was the perfect amount of time to charge my batteries for the next six […]