Day 272 (7th of December 2016) – Berlin, Germany It was 11:30am when my Air France flight from Paris finally landed in the German capital. The flight passed over some stunning cities in the dark winter morning. Sorry for the picture quality. I was exhausted, and understandably. A boys’ trip isn’t exactly slow-paced, and further, I’d […]

Deeper Into Korea

Day 263 (28th of November, 2016) – Seoul, South Korea Today was, in essence, a recovery day. And a much needed one at that. We knew this going into the day and planned it accordingly. There were a few key things we wanted to get done – booking bus tickets for the rest of the trip, […]

North (and South) Korea

Day 256 (21st of November, 2016) – In Transit In transit. . Day 257 (22nd of November, 2016) – Taipei, Taiwan It was a strange route which my flight took from Los Angeles, flying over Alaska, Russia and Japan. Meanwhile Dylan, Lachie and Ben were enjoying the longer layover in Singapore being out and about in the […]

Cali: Part #2

Day 253 (18th of November, 2016) – Los Angeles, CA, USA It was around 7am by the time I crawled out of the bus, joints stiff and aching. I clumsily loaded up a Google Maps route of how to get to the hostel. It involved passing through LA’s downtown area. I actually quite like the look […]

Cali: Part #1

Day 249 (14th of November, 2016) – Mountain View, CA, USA I must say, I feel like I’m a professional in fighting jet lag. The second you get an electronic device with plenty of blue light in front of my face (unless it’s playing a movie), I’m not ever falling asleep. That was certainly the […]

Jumping Continents

Day 242 (7th of November, 2016) – Harbin, China My 7:30am flight to Harbin meant a 5:10am departure from the hotel in a Didi. I had organised the Didi the evening prior as I wrote about in my last blog, and was already very confident as to the driver’s commitment to pick me up on […]